Winning horse doesn’t know why it runs in race.It runs bcoz of beats and pain. Life is a race. God is your rider. So if you are in pain .Think God wants you to win.

24 Responses to “LIFE IS A RACE..”

  1. ersy Says:

    life is a big race. it makes u competitive whether u are rich or poor.
    life is all about competitions everybody wants to be brtter than eachother.

  2. kumar... Says:

    life is a fkn waste of timw i beleve

  3. kumar... Says:

    sooooooooory no ment to swear
    i just had enough of life

  4. r.hh Says:

    sooooooooory no ment to swear
    i just had enough of life

  5. prasanna Says:


    enjoy,thrill,sad,adventure,fear,passion,dull,crazyness,problem,solution,question,answer etc
    all these things make a life,,,even these are conflict each other……….

    but remember life is once,,,,,,,,so try to be ur best

    live it openly,,,,n set ur originality,,,,,,,dont copy others

  6. Rommel Says:

    Yes Life is a Race and together lets help each other to win this race.

  7. pensive Says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. There are so many things wrong with that statement. Firstly, it claims that a supernatural being (namely “god”) exists. Secondly, it claims that this imaginary sky-wizard wants you to win. You haven’t even defined what winning is. Naturally you may say that acquiring monetary wealth is “winning”, but that’s merely paper. None of your trinkets matter if you can’t enjoy them. If life is a race, there is only one destination – your grave.

    Of course, life is certainly NOT a race. It should be enjoyed to the fullest. It should not be controlled by anybody except yourself. You are not an extension of your employer, your government or your parents.

    • Suresh Ginger Says:

      @Pensive- All your words are great and make sense and shows the reality.
      Its a motivational kind of statement for those who live in pain. Those reading in pain might get some confidence that they may win one day.

    • Amah Elijah Says:

      If life has a start, there must be an end.
      If there is a start and an end that you can never influance, thats mean there is a giver of life. The giver also alocate time and if he alocate time, it must be for a reason.

      Can you answer this question for me?

      “What is the reason of life?”

      If you want to know the purpose of a thing you must go to the inventor. The inventor is the one to tell you why he invent what he invent. Everyone else can only guess or suggest the purpose of that thing.

      Is foolishness, to build one’s time-bound one life on guessing or suggestions.
      A life build on suggestion or guessing, is like a bridge build on time bomb. Is like a well planed accident heading somewhere to happen.

      don’t allow anybody to deceive you, saying, “there is no God and the end of life is grave.”

      Is better to know Him (God) today as Lord than to face Him as judge on the day of His assessment. To see those who live according to His purpose.

      Beloved, death is not the end of life, is a transition to eternity destination. Hell fire with Satan or Heaven with God.

      Remember ignorance is not an excuse in the curt of law.

      Life is a race that must be run in-line with the lay-down rules if you want to escape the ireversable regret.

  8. Nilesh Sen Says:

    I like it sir Ji

  9. Prajish Says:


  10. begger Says:

    i wont win because already i am in dirty water pool

    • aarthy Says:

      This kind of low-confidence would kill your image.
      Like yourself then others will.

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  12. aarthy Says:

    Life is a interesting game where emotions and intelligence
    come as a supportive.But the life’s beauty lies in pleasure and
    series lessons in unpleasure.

  13. mohammed azhar & ayisha Says:

    life is a festival,celebrate it !!!

  14. Rajul Says:

    I think Life is a journey. :-)

  15. safa Says:

    life is a race if u don’t run fast you’ll be like a broken unda!!!

  16. Priyansh Says:

    If life is beautiful and we should enjoy to its fullest
    did lord made brains to did that?
    yup we have to work and make others and this society a better place to live.

  17. s Says:

    god not exist, brother.


    ofcours life is a race. For u to finish it and finish well, u need God’s grace.despite the up and down that serve as part of life, by God’s grace u ll finish strong. God is the caital G in grace. Remove ‘G’ u get race. This is to tell u that it is prettly imposible to finish the race of life without God. So for u to ve blissful ending u ve to move closer to God through His only precious Son_ JESUS CHRIST. Thx.

  19. Biswajit chakraborty Says:

    I am charged

    • yashika mehta Says:

      Life is racing ,everything else is just waiting.

  20. kishor trivedi Says:

    life is race yes but i hate race en i hate life

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