Entry to college

I have just completed my B. Tech (Biotechnology). So I was thinking about the college life I spent and recollecting my memories. I feel that the four years had gone like a four seconds. It was too quick.

I just need to say why I took biotechnology and Rajalakshmi Engineering College.

My plan was to get a bio-tech seat and I did not think about colleges. Many used to say me why bio-tech?

I like to be creative and I want to be creative. I can say my favorite hobby was thinking.

I had a lot of thinking about biotechnology after my school and it had chances to make me chose it. I can also say that lot of movies out there were portraying biotechnology including  Arnold acting in films like “The Sixth Day” and “Junior”.

My thinking was not in getting a job or career in biotechnology. I know that there is only less scope in bio-tech in India and I was not willing to go abroad for studies.  It did not have coding making computers understand you. It did not have many equations to create chemistry between two unknown chemicals. It did not have problems to solve unknown machines problems.

I had no learning job but it made me to think a lot.

About choosing the College, I had planned to join St. Peters Engineering College as it was near my home. But I missed it by just one seat during my counseling. So, I choose Rajalakshmi Engineering College.

My first day- I was actually thrilled waiting for the college bus. I waited for a long time for more than half hour. Then bus came with full rush like a government bus since it was first day lots of new students were heavily crowded. I went inside and I was standing by holding an anchor. Someone sitting gave some small place to adjust myself to sit. I was initially not willing to sit but managed to sit somehow. Then he was inquiring me what school you studied and why have you joined this college.

I was new and many where watching me what answers I am giving. So long he had been questioning me and he got tired to question. I thought it should be manners to ask some question about him back. So I just started “ what course are you from and which year are you doing?”

Unexpected, that guy replied,”Dai!! I am also first year da”. I thought he was a senior and I was showing some hesitation but from that moment we became friends and his name is ManoRanjan,  my first friend of college.

My entry to college started with a good friendship and the rest became beautiful.

Interview Fever

Here it starts:

The interview thoughts all began in my fourth semester when my college ( Rajalakshmi Engineering College) arranged for a guest lecture by Mr.JayaPrakash Gandhi, Editor of “The Hindu” newspaper . He had written many articles on career and interviews. I knew nothing about interview more than it was just a selection process but it was only after this session I thought it had more than what thought I had. The Speaker asked us few interesting questions:

1.The first question was : The sun rises in the east -true or false
Ans: It takes us to basic geography.If you say true then sorry you are wrong . The answer he gave was the sun doesn’t rise because it is stationary and only the earth moves around the sun.

2. How to weigh a plane without a weigh balance or an equipment?
Ans: It takes us to basic Physics . According to Archimedes Principle the weight of water displaced due to body is equal to the weight of the body. Hence, the plane needs to be immersed in a sea.

3.which came first screw or hammer?
Ans: It takes us to history. Although anything could be possible the best supportive proof is for screw. The statues were made in the early period (Example: Indus valley period) provide support that screw were used for finishing the statue.

These are a few questions I remember he asked just to explain that the questions would be asked in interview ask are simple and it’s only us who think complicated and make the interview tedious.

The other topics discussed were not to use ” underscore” in emails while using it for interview purpose. Reason: The MS word will recognize emails as hypertext and give a blue/underline format to it. So the underline make the underscore to hide it. Thus it may create misunderstanding if we see the email id.

Later, we had the college planned to conduct Interview camps for the students.
The college conducted a training camp during my fifth semester. My camp days are unforgetable and I enjoyed each and every moment ot it. It gave me a different experience which I had never experienced before. It was a 10 days camp and the approximate schedule was like this ( dont remember exact schedule)
5 A.M- Time to get up.
6 A.M- Yoga class.
8 A.M- Communication class.
10A.M- Group Discussion
2P.M- Aptitude 1 ( maths based)
4P.M-Technical class
6P.M-Aptitude 2 ( verbal based )
8P.M-Tests and discussion.
So it was a long run schedule but I never felt any tired though it was difficult to get up in early morning due to cold climate and the water for bath was cold as there was only a heater available and there would always be a fight for whom to use it .

Communication class:
I like to share some of the things which were told in this class.

# During Interviews:
7% – words what you speak
38%- pitch and tone how you speak
55%-body language
#Telephone conversation:
87%-Pitch and Tone

A small story told in the first class about the importance of language:

A man was driving his car in the most traffic road. He saw a board stating” NO STOPING “.
But he stopped his car there. The traffic police came and asked him why you stopped here and
asked for his explanation. The man asked traffic police to book a case on him ( strange).The judge gave him the punishment. Now,the man argued :
I have not done anything wrong. the board said : NO STOPING meaning NOT TO DIG.
I only STOPPED . So the case cant do anything and the man was released and the board was changed the next day.






This movie title reveals completely about the movie.

Once a group were traveling in a ship. Due to some incident a man was lost from the ship and he was found lying in a small island alone.He survived there with much difficulty and made a wood boat and managed to reached his country. There he sees his wife married to a new person . This is the story . Now coming to the title


So initially he was “castaway” which made him cast away later.





PRINCIPAL and PRINCIPLE – both must be pronounced as PRINCIPLE only.

Beginning Era Of My Animation Interest

I love to work with photo shop and flash. I learned them by trying to do some works for my college tech fest poster designing.Though i was not interested to do it was my friend Gupta who simply said or pushed my name that i have done a poster to the committee. I don’t know anything about poster designing at that time. ( even now the same only)..But just had a theme.That night fully i was learning or can say was doing something with a photo shop and tomorrow morning i bought this to the committee. I saw my seniors work too. They had done a really good work. But i was asked to do some changes and finally mine was selected. I know that i could have done 1000 times better. The output was not satisfactory to me .The print out had drastic colors as the page setup was changed to landscape mode.I learned a lot from that mistakes.

OK The theme is “SCI-CLONE”. It means science of cloning, a biotechnology term . but when you pronounce it will sound as “cyclone” which is a powerful wind ( to blow the mind). I mean to say that it should be mind blowing…I thought to represent that in the background which made the work mistake.Take a look at the poster.

(click to enlarge the posters)



Then coming to my next works. I got one more theme in my mind and had some time to do the poster.But this time i didn’t have any idea of what’s going on in the committee work . It was Gupta again who took me to ask of doing a poster to the in-charge. when we met him we found it was too late that all the works have been finished and they named it Advaitha. I accept that it was far better than mine. I liked the Advaitha poster much and learned some tricks of “merging ” image with background out of it.

OK The theme of mine is “Gene-Us”.Its a multitude word with a meaning you can bring about and think as you pronounce. It focus on Genes which is again a biotechnology term and its a Us refers to our Biotechnology group that we are Genius( we really are genius). One more its ” Genie” a character seen in Alladin, a tale which does miracle. All together i thought it was a miracle event of biotech students. I could have done well if i were able to explain to my class so that they could have given a better idea too.

Take a look of both





Now the Advaitha design had urged me to do a similar kind of work. I know its a waste to do after the program is over, but tried as a challenge or a eager to learn the background merging image effect and came up with this.

Gen-e-us 2

gen-e-us 2


This is the view of my college (Rajalakshmi Engineering College) from satellite.

To tell you this is the simplest animation technique.All that is needed is an idea. There was no software used like flash etc for doing it. The pictures were carefully selected using google earth and saved to harddisk and must make sure that you rotate the image in the googel earth and save one by one. Then the work is to arrange the picture in order from earth till college view and can place it in a easily available editor like windows movie maker though i used a different editor. As the earth pic was taken at different angles we get an rotating effect.


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